Supporting Education

More than just supplying teachers

Our business is all about ensuring that children continue to receive high quality education in the absence of their normal class teacher.  Placing the right teachers in the right classes allows this to be as seamless as possible and ensures children’s learning is uninterrupted.

But, did you know though that we also support schools and education in two additional ways? 

Firstly we are assisting schools with the permanent recruitment of teachers and secondly with the provision of learning resources inside or outside of the classroom.

Teacher Recruitment

Sponsoring the OTSA (Oxfordshire Teaching Schools Alliance) Jobs Board

OTSA provides an advertising platform or jobs page which allows all schools to advertise their vacancies. With the transition of OCC (Oxfordshire County Council) Services to Hampshire, low cost advertising routes disappeared so OTSA helped to fill the void with a more affordable option. We know that school budgets are becoming more stretched each year and after discussion with OTSA have funded the OTSA Jobs website so that all schools can advertise for FREE.  Our funding now allows schools to redirect the hundreds if not thousands of pounds they would have spent on advertising to other essential needs.

Low Fixed Fee Arrangements

Low Fixed Arrangement Fees are our most recent way of supporting school budgets. Recruitment companies traditionally charge high release fees when they place a teacher in a school on a permanent contract. It is not unusual for these to be several thousand pounds per appointment and we think that is wrong.  We thought hard about how we could adapt our charging structure to make it fairer and have now introduced an industry leading low fixed charge.  Once again this initiative has the potential to save schools thousands of pounds each time a permanent teacher is appointed.  Schools love this new approach and the feedback has been amazing. 

Promoting Learning

Hamilton Trust

Hamilton Trust are well known in education circles and Professor Ruth Merrtens was a main speaker at OHTC 2016 giving us all some fantastic insight into how to making numeracy fun.  We are delighted to announce that we are now working with Hamilton Trust and all of our supply teachers now have access to their resources via our secure web links.  This means that when they come to your school they have the latest tools and techniques to share in your classroom. 

Sunflower Competition

Last year we supported the development of gardening clubs with our sunflower seeds competition and garden tools giveaway.  This allows pupils to learn by doing and use maths and science in the real world.

Class Act Teaching Services School Competition

Readathon is a national literacy charity encouraging organising book events for children.  Find out how we support Readathon Oxford on our Contributing to Communities page

Main Event Sponsor OHTC

And finally our attendance; support and sponsorship of the OHTC, allow us to speak directly to head teachers or other senior school staff and discuss a range of hot topics.  We then use this learning to shape our services or develop new ways of supporting our schools.