Information for Overseas Teachers & TAs

What You Need to Know

Overseas qualified teachers make excellent supply teachers as you bring new skills, ideas and experience to the classroom. Many overseas teachers such as those from an EU Country, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, have an equivalent recognised Teaching Qualification verified by UK Naric so can begin work as soon as other checks have been completed. Teachers from other countries must contact UK Naric to have their qualifications verified.


Before an overseas trained teachers can start work you must hold an overseas police check and have a valid visa / work permit, as well as the standard UK teacher ID and references (see Existing Teachers).

If you are a UK qualified teacher and have been living or working overseas we will also require you to provide an overseas police check.


We want all of our supply teachers to feel that they are an equal part of the Class Act Team and be equipped to join ANY classroom at ANY time. Therefore when you are register with us we will provide you with a number of resources that not only recognise you as a Class Act Teacher (a great way of meeting other Class Act teachers at the same school) but ready you for the day ahead.

You will receive a Class Act Teaching Services:

  • Teacher bag
  • ID Badge
  • Resource Pack
  • Classroom Tool Kit and teacher resources

As you start teaching in the UK we are on hand to support you every step of the way in your role as a supply teacher.  

That is the Class Act way.


Teacher resources from Class Act Teaching Services