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Misconceptions of Supply Teaching

By Nikki Smith on 5 April, 2022

There are so many myths and misconceptions around supply teaching so let us see if we can challenge some of those today.

Isn’t supply work part-time?

Only if you want it to be!

Here at Class Act Teaching Services we work with what you’re looking for.  If you only want to work one day a week, we will do our best to get you work on that day. 

Equally, if you want to work every day, we will keep you updated on the longer term requests along with the day to day requests that come in.

September is generally a quieter month in supply teaching, let’s be honest, everyone has just had some time away from the classroom to relax and recharge so when schools start back in September, they usually have a full cohort of staff.

Once the coughs, colds and seasonal bugs (or a Pandemic) start to hit, you will find things start to get busier.

Will I get paid through an umbrella company and lose out on pay?

Not with Class Act Teaching Services.  We have our own payroll company and don’t outsource to anyone.

I don’t have any rights as a supply teacher

AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) means that after 12 weeks work in one role, you have exactly the same rights as a permanent member of staff.  There are also unions you can join.

The staff at Class Act are always friendly and professional. They listen to my feedback and give me flexibility over my hours. Working for them has taken away so much stress.


You will only work in challenging schools

Class Act Teaching Services is the largest primary supply agency in Oxfordshire with 60% if schools using us.  You will experience village schools, city schools and schools with pet mascots!  No two days are the same in any school. 

If, of course, you find a school, or class, too challenging and would prefer not to go back, just let us know.

I’ll never be offered permanent work

We hold a record of all our teachers who want to be put forward for permanent roles that become available.

Schools also contact us if they have long term positions available, i.e, maternity/paternity cover, medical absence cover or PPA cover.  You might find that working on supply in a school can lead to a few weeks cover or even a term.  For those that want to stick to the day to day supply, that’s fine with us!

I’m an ECT, won’t working on supply affect my professional development?

Not at all.  As an ECT it can be daunting thinking about what school/year group you would like to work in.  Working on supply gives you the perfect opportunity to work in a variety of schools and year groups so when those permanent roles come up, you’ll have an idea of what’s right for you.

As a Class Act teacher, you will also get access to all the resources on the Hamilton Trust website.

Class Act is an excellent agency that has given me lots of opportunities in various schools. It’s a great way of experiencing a wide variety of teaching and finding your niche in a school.

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