How do I prepare for a day on supply?

By Nikki Smith on 9 December, 2021

The day has arrived for your first assignment as a Primary supply teacher. Here is what you need to know, what to take and what to expect.

Depending on the kind of work you have said you are happy to do, we will either ring you in advance or on the day of the booking.

Most schools now are nut free so when you are making your packed lunch, please make sure you avoid anything that may contain nuts!

A mask and hand gel is a must at the moment, as is a cup to make a drink in as some schools are not wanting to share crockery.

No one can predict the Oxfordshire traffic, we really like the Waze app for traffic updates and it also works as a sat nav. Google Maps or Apple Maps is also a really handy tool. You can use the street view option to look at local parking and get an idea where the school is.

The best thing about working for Class Act is that you really look after the welfare of your teachers


Don’t get caught out!

If you are teaching, always take some planning in your bag. It’s worth having something for each year group just in case! This takes the pressure off you when you get to school and find out the teacher hasn’t left anything. Have you had your Hamilton Trust login? If not, please contact the office.

Sometimes plans change! Schools may have forgotten to tell us there is forest school or a PE lesson whilst you are there. It is always worth having a change of clothes and some comfy shoes in the boot of the car or in your bag.


You will be expected to take some photo ID with you and your DBS. In time, you will be issued with a Class Act ID badge. This is not formal ID so you will need to take your driving license or passport with you.

Make sure you have a timesheet and handover notes in your bag. All timesheets need to be emailed by 4.00pm and handover notes left for the teacher at the school.

We will always text you details of the booking and you will also get an in depth assignment confirmation emailed to you. This contains any important information from the school, assignment length, pay etc.

At the end of the day, if you are teaching, you are expected to stay and mark any work and tidy the classroom, ready for the teacher the next day. To leave around 4.00pm is acceptable as long as everything has been completed. If you have been in school as a Teaching Assistant we would expect you to stay until 3.45pm.

You will find this information, and more, in the Code of Practice you were issued with when you joined us.

Enjoy your day!

Working as a supply teacher or TA is a great way of experiencing a wide variety of schools. We are sure you will love it and find it a very rewarding profession.

Primary School Children sitting listening to a female supply teacher reading a story

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