Contributing to Oxfordshire Communities 

Class Act Teaching Services supports Oxfordshire’s children beyond the classroom 

While some education recruitment agencies and other businesses coin it as corporate social responsibility, we like to think of supporting Oxfordshire communities as being good neighbours…

Class Act Teaching services works with primary schools and so it only seems right for us to contribute to other education initiatives for children in Oxfordshire. Read on to learn about the different ways that we contribute as more than just a supply teaching agency. 

Class Act Teaching Services supports Play2Give 

Play2Give is a Didcot-based Oxfordshire fundraising organisation founded in 2007 by Andrew Baker MBE BCAv. After many years’ treatment for a brain injury he was born with, Andrew, at the age of 14, began his mission to thank the medics who saved his life. Over 10 years later, his fundraising efforts still help ill children at Oxford Children’s Hospital and victims of brain injuries at Headway Oxfordshire.

In recognition of his work, Andrew was invited to Buckingham Palace for the Queen’s garden party to receive a British Citizen Award in July 2017. He was also awarded an MBE in Her Majesty The Queen’s New Year Honours 2021.

Each Christmas, Class Act Teaching Services hopes to find new ways to help children and families across Oxfordshire. Projects with a big direct positive impact on children in our area are always of interest and we are delighted to be able to, with the help of our supply teachers and teaching assistants, support Play2Give.

Oxford City Stars and Junior Stars ice hockey teams 


Sport is an important part of a child’s education and learning outside of the classroom is crucial in the development of young people. So, back in 2016, we began our sponsorship of Oxfordshire’s ice hockey teams, The Oxford City Stars and the U11 and U9 Junior Stars. This support is ongoing.

Ice hockey is the world’s fastest team game, is full of skilful stick handling, tactics, speed and grit, making it such an exciting sport to watch and play. With over 300,000 people visiting Oxpens ice rink each year, this was an opportunity to encourage children to be active and try a new sport or experience.   

The Oxford City Stars are very interested in Oxfordshire communities and youth development already offering free sessions for children to try the game. So, with our primary school connections, we were a natural fit and more than happy to make introductions.  

Attending sports can be pricey, so, back in 2018, we encouraged Oxfordshire children to come along and watch this exciting sport for free. The response was fantastic and so when we hope to do something similar again soon.