Contributing to Communities

What We Do

Some call it Corporate Social Responsibility, we like to call it being good neighbours. 

We work with primary schools and so it seemed only fitting so we choose to focus on contributing to children in our Oxfordshire community.  Recent ways we have contributed include:

Oxfordshire Childrens Readathon

Readathon is a literacy focussed party in the park held every year at Milton Manor near Abingdon.  Each year 3000 families get to meet authors and book characters in a fun interactive and stimulating environment. 

We provide children’s books and host a book tombola, inviting members of our office team to spend an hour on the stall if they choose.  It’s says a lot about our team when everyone voluntarily turns up early on a Saturday, organises an impromptu “family” picnic and spend the day meeting and talking to young children.   

This year Readathon changes it’s name to Story Fest and Family Fun Day and we look forward to seeing you there.

Charity Secret Santa

For the past five years this Didcot based charity has been collecting and distributing Christmas gifts for up to 4000 local people.  Whether they are unwell, in distress or just struggling to get by, the charity tries to ensure that everyone has a present to open on Christmas Morning.  This year we joined forces with the charity for the first time and in conjunction with our teachers collected four hundred gifts for local children.

Getting that little bit of support when the chips are down can make a big difference and we hope to help a little.

Each year we hope to find new ways to help children and families across Oxfordshire during the Christmas period.  Projects having a direct positive impact on children in our area where we can make a big difference are always of interest.   

In 2016 we were the largest donor to Charity Secret Santa handing over more than 500 gifts to people in need. Click on the image to find out more.

Oxford City Stars and Junior Stars Ice Hockey Teams

Sport is an important part of a child’s education and Learning outside of the classroom is we believe extremely important in the development of young people.  So this year we began to sponsor Oxford ice hockey teams, The Oxford City Stars and the U11 and U9 Junior Stars teams.

 With 300,000 people visiting Oxpens ice rink each year this was an opportunity to encourage children to be active and try new experiences or even a new sport.   

The Oxford City Stars are very interested in community and youth development so with our connections in primary schools we are a natural fit and we are more than happy to make introductions.  

Attending sports can be pricey so we recently surprised Oxfordshire children by funding free tickets to an Ice Hockey match for all Under 16s.  The response was fantastic and we hope to do something similar again very soon.